What helps you to survive Corona?

And here we are again. There is a colorful autumn outside and the second lockdown. Instead of traveling around, organizing planned youth center activities, celebrating Halloween, visiting friends from other towns, we are basically stuck at our homes. Maybe somehow it sounds like desperation. But then here is the question: “What can I do to make myself feel better?”

“Take time to listen to good music”
Anja Manja
“Exercise and cooking.”
“What I found out during these weeks of lock down is that it’s really cool to take the bicycle, pick a random road of Ljubljana and just ride somewhere and look around.”
“I really need to catch one hour of daylight after work, so I usually go walking or running. While being inside I like to read, watch movies or series, cook, play the guitar and hang out with my flatmates.”- Javi
“Taking walks in nature and a lot of exercise. Also doing puzzles keeps my mind organised and gives me a satisfying feeling every time a piece fits. My mind also falls into a flow state of mind so I have no perception of time and finishing the puzzle makes me feel like I came through and reached a goal.”
“Itak se počutim mnogo bolj jezno, nemočno in prevarano kot v prvem lockdownu. Ob tem, da je urnik nestabilen (delam ves dan za računalnikom), da ne vemo do kdaj bodo ukrepi trajali, da ‘sistem’ samo še bolj avtoritarno vlada, me rešuje ljubezen, dnevni stik s sodelavkami (seveda online) in #glasupora.”
“I try to take reasonable precautions, not focus too much on news and stick to my normal routine as much as possible. I do need more alone time (which is kinda perfect fit to the situation) to process things, cook, be creative, be in touch with my friends and family and just slow down the pace and chill.”
“During corona (and otherwise) what helps to keep me sane are little DIY projects, which I enjoy very much. For example, today I am painting a Degus cage. I also did some acrylic painting, knitting and sewing. It is really nice to have company when DIYing or at least listen to some good music while doing it.”
“One of the things you can do is record songs by adding up your voice on top of an existing video or you can start recording it by yourself from scratch. I’ve been using an application called Virtual Choir. You can get it from here for Android or here for iPhone.”
“Zame je v tem “korona času” zelo pomemben šport in umik v naravo, kar pomeni da za lastno dobro počutje skrbim tako da laufam po Žalah, Rožniku in Golovcu. Slabo voljo preprečujem z izogibanjem spremljanja novic, dolgcajt pa preganjam z brskanjem po spletnih trgovinah, primerjanjem ponudbe, cen in popustov.” – Dora
“Kako preživim te nore čase? Serija/film, sprehodi v naravi, moj social bubble, (online) družabne igre, majhni (in še vedno nedokončani) projekti, dom kjer mi je lepo, kava + sonce + terasa, pes, ki mi omogoča šetnjo tudi po 21h … In še, za razliko od pomladi, manj časa namenim spremljanju korona stanja, predvidevanj, napovedi ukrepov … in več časa vsemu zgoraj naštetemu ❤️” – Nežka
“V tem “korona času” mi pomaga, da si v urniku rezerviram čas, ko grem na sprehod oziroma kamorkoli v naravo. Hkrati poskrbim, da vsak dan naredim nekaj malega zase (kaj dobrega pojem, meditiram, pogledam kakšen dokumentarec, sanjarim o željah in ciljih za prihodnost…). Ker pa se počasi bliža praznični čas, se zabavam tudi z izdelovanjem darilc, raziskujem možnosti re-use daril, ustvarjam, rišem…” – Manneira
“During corona times I stick to some rules that help me survive: M – moving; I go out for long walks, alone or with my corona buddy; O – off; I turn everyday news off and find other ways to stay informed; U – use; I try to use time not spend it so I set up a schedule at the beginning of every week and i stick to it as much as possible; S – sense; I use common sense and believe only trusted sources trying to avoid all conspiracy theories and doing things for myself not against myself (that is why I chose a corona buddy to share time with); E – energize; I force myself to stay active, to eat properly and to find joy in stuff even when it is hard to do so. I know that bringing myself up from depression is harder than staying positive. So my advice is MOUSE :)” – Neja
“Tile časi so kot iz nekega futurističnega filma, ne morem verjeti, da se to dogaja v resnici. Kot bi čas počasneje tekel. 
Da preživim mi pomaga tek v naravi, pa da ne bo kdo mislil, da sem ljubiteljica teka od nekdaj. Kje pa, do sedaj se sploh nisem zavedala, da me lahko tako osvobodi. Ko že mislim, da ne zmorem več, se osredotočim samo na dihanje, da držim tempo tudi na vrh Rašice in nazaj. Na koncu pa vauu, kar poletela bi, tako je dober občutek. Morda tudi zato, ker to počnem v dvoje.
Pa veliko malih stvari, kava v postelji, mali pogovori s sodelavkami, prenova kleti (da bo bolj svetla in urejena). 
Ma, življenje je lepo, čeprav je včasih težko.”
“At this time I am spending my time mostly with my closest ones. This lack of social contacts can sometimes become very challenging. So I try to do my best at finding things that make me happy at home. My best advice is to write down a list of things you wish you had time for but never did.  I do it on a nice piece of paper and doodle clouds around words and so whenever I’m feeling down I see something I wrote there that inspires me and I feel really good about devoting time to that activity at the end of the day. So for example now I crochet a lot and keep a list of projects I want to do after I finish the one I am currently working on. I organised my photo album and also bought a new cooking book and I’m trying out new recipes. I believe that going for walks and eating good comforting food is really making me stay sane, but also appreciating the small things that are happening every day (like cleaning dishes, talking to friends online) can make a big difference. It is a crazy time sometimes, but it can also be a good calming time for what I call “voluharjenje” (a.k.a. lenarjenje doma brez pritiska, da bi moral početi nekaj produktivnega – preferiroma v jesenskem času). ” – Katja