Weekly events: from offline to online

This autumn has brought us new challenges that we have to deal with! As we were not allowed anymore to have activities with youngsters in real life, we moved some of our events to an online platform. And this is what came out of it!

Given: 3 volunteers,  1 youth worker, Youth Center Bob and Zoom. We know that now the Internet is full of various online events and it’s really hard to surprise people with fresh ideas. Our team decided just to cook simple dishes showing the process through Zoom. The main idea of our event is a simple and quick recipe (later on we decided to add some traditional notes) with available ingredients, as well as friendly vibes created by volunteers. Anyone can buy the same ingredients, join our Zoom event, and cook with us on the live stream. Up to now, we have already baked cookies, an apple pie and khachapuri (a traditional Georgian dish). And well, if no one joins us, we will at least be left with delicious food!

I think it was well adapted to the digital format, instructions were clear and we could talk about other things while the cookies were in the oven. And, to look on the bright side, you can enjoy the result all for yourself!Javi Hernandez Castro

Another successful experience of the online events is the Do It Yourself – workshops that usually took place at ULCA every first Tuesday of the month. In November, we had to go online, and it turned out really nicely. Each participant had their own project to work on, so everyone was developing their own idea without a need to leave their home and at the same time we were together, we could talk and exchange some lifehacks. Also, some music added a sense of coziness to these creative evenings.

I liked digital DIY because you can do your own stuff (in my case I was painting a picture on the wall in my room) but being with other people. Concentrating on your own work, but at the same time seeing someone else through the screen. Anyway, it is still Zoom event which cannot replace the real life activities.Vaiva Cibaite

I work better in person because we can show our technics better to each other. But this was equally fun because I had a great time in your company. Usually, I work alone all the time and it is something new for me.. I was in my living room comfortably in my pajamas 🙂 That was fun! It was a little late in the evening for me, because I usually do my work in the morning, I’m a morning person. Also I don’t have a good enough light in the room for me to do good work at night. So I had some work to complete in the following days but I got some new ideas so in the end. I made 3 different fluffy mushrooms instead of just 1. And I’m very happy with the results 🙂 It ended up being better than I expected!Klara Erčulj