Mladinski center ULCA in BOB

Mladinski center ULCA s Katarino

Katarina breaking ?

What do you plan for the next year in ULCA. What’s new, what’s old?

At the end of last year we tried beatbox workshops that happened online and since they turned out to be successful we will bring them back this year in person and hopefully have a competition, jam or even an event involving all hip hop elements. I also believe we will bring different dance styles to the program and in general bring new activities with fresh ideas of new participants.

What are your favourite memories about Ulca?

They always ULCA goes about jams and events, where we get together, hang out, dance. Once per year we are also painting our tagging wall white, buy new markers and just enjoy when it fills up again.

What do you miss the most in ULCA from times beforehand corona and what do you hope can be returned back?

I think it goes without saying that we all miss working face to face with our participants and bigger groups – also without masks. But what I am really looking forward to is dance sessions and jams with DJs and live music. I miss the laughter and the hugs, everyone being happy to see each other and for people (and their pets!) to be able to drop by any time we’re in ULCA without limiting the number of visitors.

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